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June 25, 2010 12:40 AM

Life Inside a Soccer Ball

living in soccer ball.jpgAll across the world people are ignoring work to watch the World Cup. I'm still waiting on the obligatory article about how much the World Cup is costing nations - even though it won't factor in that people waste the majority of their time at work normally on e-mail and YouTube videos and reading blog posts (get back to work!). The same article is always written around March Madness as well.

That small rant was just to segue into this cool story. While most people have to take long lunch breaks or pull up the games online, one guy is getting paid to watch soccer. Alright, so that's not that extraordinary. There's hundreds of reporters paid to watch these games and tons of TV and field crew members - but only one man is getting paid to watch the games from inside a soccer ball.

Adam Santarossa, an Australian was selected by Adidas to spend the entire World Cup inside a gigantic version of a Jabulani - the official Adidas ball of the World Cup. Santarossa will be paid $3,000 to watch the games and write blog posts. Not jealous yet? The ball comes equipped with laundry, a Playstation 3, a laptop, and flat screen TV and after the month he gets to keep all of that.

I guess some people might go insane being confined to such a small space but there's a good chance the NYC studio I'm blogging from right now is smaller than that giant ball. Lock me up with a PS3 and a flat screen and I could stay in that place for years.

H/T: Dirty Tackle

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