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June 21, 2010 11:46 PM

LeBron and CP3 Joining Forces?

LeBron and CP3.jpgYou can file this one under "extremely doubtful" but there are talks of the possibility of LeBron James and Chris Paul winding up on the same team next year. Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports reports:

World Wide Wes (William Wesley) has been pitching teams with salary-cap space that trading for New Orleans Hornets star Chris Paul will dramatically increase their chances of signing LeBron James ...

Wojnarowski explains that there's a chance the Hornets current owner would trade CP3 but when the Hornets switch to the new owner he'd be off the market. Not that Paul would be cheap either but since Darren Collison was able to fit in so well while Paul was out this past season they could look to deal the more expensive Paul.

Why would World Wide Wes want to help broker a deal for Paul? Here are two reasons: First, James loves the prospect of playing with one of the best point guards in the NBA. Secondly, it would show Paul how Wesley could make things happen for him, and perhaps get him to leave Octagon for Wesley and Leon Rose at CAA.

Can you imagine arguably the best player in the world (some would argue for Kobe Bryant) and the best point guard in the world (Deron Williams and Steve Nash are in the discussion too) on the same team? Whatever team managed to pull it off would immediately become a fan favorite. CP3 and the King might just be the two most exciting players in the NBA. Aside from their offensive prowess, both are stellar defenders as well and that could lead to an unbelievable amount of fast break opportunities (read: ridiculous highlights nightly). 

It also wouldn't matter what scrubs you threw on the floor with those two. If you added a good perimeter shooter (hey, Ray Allen will be available) and a decent low post defender with a penchant for rebounding (Drew Gooden? Brad Miller? Jamaal Magloire?)  - you've got next year's favorites to win the title.

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