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July 8, 2010 8:45 PM

A New Team to Hate?


I'm a fairly cynical person, particularly in the sports world. I get almost as much enjoyment rooting against certain teams as I do cheering for my teams. For my entire adult life I've been set as to which teams are most deserving of my unreasonable disdain. In football it is and will always be the Cowboys, in baseball the Yankees, and in hockey the Penguins. And I thought I would go the majority of my life hating the Los Angeles Lakers more than any other NBA team, but if the LeBron to Miami rumors are true, then the Lakers can no longer top the NBA hate-list.

If you like sports, care about competition, or just hate unspeakable evil, it looks like there will be a new team for you to hate - the Miami Heat. Every aspect of team hate is there:

  • They have way too much talent.
  • They bought virtually all their entire team off the free agent market.
  • They'll pick up legions upon legions of bandwagon fans.
  • And, of course, they have buckets and buckets of ego (even their front office has incredible ego with Pat Riley).
  • They have LeBron James
  • Oh, they also play in the same division as my team, the Wizards.

The worst thing about the unholy creation of the Heat is that it means there is a good chance I will be forced to cheer for Kobe Bryant and the Lakers during the next NBA Finals, a thought which just weeks ago would have made me blackout with rage. Of course I can always hope the Heat fail prior to the finals.

In fact, I have never hoped for a team to fail quite like this. The Miami Heat are setting up to make themselves the gold standard of teams worth hating. I can only hope LeBron pouts everyday and we can be treated to a year of backstabbing and ruined friendships. 

UPDATE: It's official. Time to put your hating shoes on and root for a Heat meltdown.

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