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July 20, 2010 11:07 AM

Should You Watch Last Night's Game?

shouldiwatch.jpgThe internet continues to come up with helpful ways to improve the life of the sports fan. A new site, helps you determine if that game you recorded is actually worth watching or if your time would be better spent elsewhere. 

It's a pretty simple concept, go to the site, find the game you recorded and set your 'pain threshold' in which you can ask the site if one particular teams, or either team, lost by a certain amount. ShouldIWatch will then tell you if the game is worth watching or not (without giving you the score) and potentially save you several painful and/or boring hours of watching a shellacking. 

The site is also capable of sending you text messages telling you if the game was worth watching, which is really helpful for the partying sports fan. If you are out living it up, trying to avoid the score of a game, a text will let you know if you should make your way home to watch the game you recorded or if it's more worthwhile to stay out and see exactly how much you can drink (or you know, go out with your significant other or do something productive).

ShouldIWatch Tells You If a Game Is Worth Watching - Lifehacker

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