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November 5, 2010 6:00 PM

Pay Homage to Gamblor - Week 9

Obviously the big news of the week was Randy Moss (again). The Vikings cut him after only four games and the Titans were the only team to claim him off waivers. In the background are the Patriots, picking up a third round pick and looking annoyingly smart again. It makes you wonder if Belichick knew Moss was being difficult and got rid of him when he still could, before dumping him like the Vikings.

Looking at the Vikings, some argue they made the right move because Moss was already bringing down the clubhouse and Childress saw this happen with T.O. in Philly. They also argue Moss produced less and less each game on the field, but that's a slightly unfair analysis because the Vikings offense on the whole, particularly Percy Harvin, greatly benefited from Moss' presence on the field.

The more likely truth is that Brad Childress is a joke. He is clearly too afraid of Brett Favre to do anything to him and is grasping at straws to show that he is still in control of the team.

brad childress dejected.jpg

What likely goes on in Brad Childress' Head:

"Oh man, Brett keeps saying negative things. He really doesn't seem to like me or respect me. Why doesn't he like me? Maybe I should really sit him since he can barely walk, is an interception machine and routinely doesn't listen to me. But if I sit him or talk then he'll definitely not like me and there is no way he'll invite me on a fishing trip. And I feel like he's really gonna ask me this year.

Come on Chilly, hold it together. I can't go after Brett but I have to show people I'm still in charge. Next guy who speaks out, that's it, I'm cutting him! What? Randy Moss questioned me! No one questions Chilly; he's gone. I'm definitely cutting Moss.

Hey Randy, you're out of here.

Oh man, I hope Brett was okay with that. Stay strong Chilly."

In defense of Childress Moss was acting like an ass, but didn't you know what you are getting with Moss when you traded for him? There has to be some sort of way to control him without having him infect the team. Childress just isn't a strong enough coach to do that.

Last Week: 5-8
Season: 55-58-4
Lock of the Week: 7-1

Home team in CAPS

BILLS (+3) over Bears
They've been playing well two weeks in a row and the Bears are just the type of team for the Bills to beat. The Bills have no rush defense, but that's not a problem because the Bears have no rushing game. Somehow the Bills get a win, and if I know the Bills they'll somehow get enough wins to not finish with the worst record and ensure they don't get the top pick.

TEXANS (+3) over Chargers
Thumbnail image for Lock of the Week.jpgLock of the Week

What is going on? Yeah, I said the same thing last week when the Chargers were favored, but at least that game was at home. They are favored on the road where they are 0-4 this season and add in the fact that they don't have Antonio Gates this week. How are they favored? How?

Saints (-6.5) over PANTHERS
It's possible we'll see Reggie Bush and/or Pierre Thomas back this week which should help the Saints , but I've given up on trying to understand the Saints this year. They could come out and blow this game or win by 34 and either way I'd say 'seems about right.'

VIKINGS (-8) over Cardinals
I know Brad Childress is incompetent, Brett Favre is a mess and everything seems to be going wrong for the Vikings this year, but the Cardinals are bad against the run and awful on the road. A healthy dose of AP should put this game away relatively early.

Buccaneers (+8.5) over FALCONS
The Falcons are still probably the better team, but this line is way too high. Tampa is getting no respect and they are a solid team. The Falcons run game is probably too much for the Bucs, but no way this game should be a two-score line.

Jets (-4) over LIONS
It's entirely possible the Jets will start going downhill because LT is getting worn out at midseason and Shonn Greene just isn't any good, but I think their defense should be able to carry them through this game regardless.

Dolphins (+5.5) over RAVENS
Without looking through schedule-by-schedule I feel confident in saying the Dolphins have the toughest schedule in the league. With the exception of the Pats game all of their games have been down to the wire. I don't expect things to be any different against a Ravens team that also seems to love close games.

Patriots (-4.5) over BROWNS
For some reason this line is moving in the Browns favor. I know they thoroughly beat the Saints two weeks ago, but as previously discussed the Saints are a complete wildcard. I don't think the Browns can count on Tom Brady throwing four interceptions.

Giants (-7) over SEAHAWKS
Matt Hasselbeck is out due to a concussion meaning Charlie Whitehurst will get his first NFL start against the sack happy front line of the Giants. See what happens when you get above .500 in the NFC West? Bad things.

RAIDERS (-2.5) over Chiefs
Listen, I'm just as confused as you but somehow the Raiders are a solid team and this matchup is key in determining the AFC West. Somehow these teams have managed to become the top two rushing offenses in football and have solid defenses. That sounds like a blue print for a playoff team, but that can't be, this is Oakland and Kansas City. Did you know the last time that both the Raiders and Chiefs had a winning season was 1994?

Colts (+3) over EAGLES
I'm scared of this game because Reid is an amazing 11-0 coming off bye weeks, but this game will likely turn into a shootout and in all shootouts take the Colts. If the Eagles try to control the clock and keep scoring low they could win, but if they go passing attack vs. passing attack they'll lose. Either way the Eagles shouldn't be favored by more than a point at most.

PACKERS (-8) over Cowboys
It became obvious last week that the Cowboys have completely quit on this season. No other explanation needed.

Steelers (-4.5) over BENGALS
As long as the Steelers passing attack shows up this week (it was conspicuously absent last week) they should be able to handle the Bengals. It's hard to pinpoint what exactly happened to the Bengals that made them so much worse than last year's team, but somehow the defense fell apart. Such has been the Marvin Lewis/Carson Palmer era, whenever they have success it must be followed up by failure.

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