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November 16, 2010 3:30 PM

Power Rankings Show No One Knows the NFL

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The Patriots are back on top of the RCS NFL Power Ranking Averages, barely edging out the Falcons and the Jets. It's pretty clear now more than ever that no one knows who the best teams in the NFL are. The Patriots, despite being the top team are only ranked first by three of the nine sites used and have an average ranking of 2.11. The Falcons likely would be the top ranked team if not for Sporting News, who ranked Atlanta 8th while no other site had them ranked below 3rd.

Further showing that people can't agree on the top teams in the league look at the Packers or Eagles, both of whom are ranked as high as 2nd and as low as 10th. While no one can agree where to rank the teams within the top ten, it is widely agreed upon which ten teams comprise the top ten. The Raiders are the only team not in the RCS top ten that is ranked in the top ten by any site (ranked 9th by PFT).

At the bottom of the rankings there is no such confusion as the Panthers became the unanimous selection as the 32nd ranked team.

The team slipping the most spots this week is the Giants, who fell from 2nd down to 9th after being soundly beaten by the Cowboys. The Bears climbed the most spots, rising from 18th to 13th.

Divisional Ranking Averages:
1. AFC East - 12.31
2. NFC South - 14.08
3. AFC South - 14.81
4. NFC East - 15.53
5. AFC North - 15.80
6. AFC West - 17.14
7. NFC North - 18.45
8. NFC West - 23.86

The AFC North dropped from the top ranked to the fifth ranked division thanks to all four of its teams losing last week. The AFC East and NFC South moved up from third and fourth to the first and second ranked divisions. For the first week of the season one of the West division teams moved ahead of another division as the AFC West is now the sixth ranked division, ahead of the NFC North. Meanwhile the NFC West is unsurprisingly far behind everyone else.

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