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November 23, 2010 3:00 PM

No Change at Top of NFL Power Rankings

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Not much has changed at the top of the RCS NFL Power Ranking Averages as the top six teams from last week's rankings all won (a first this season). The Pats are still on top, the top six is in the same order (except with the Eagles moving into a tie with the Packers for fifth), and the top ten is comprised of the same ten teams as last week. The Bears and Bucs were both ranked in the top ten by some sites, and another loss by the Colts or Giants will surely cause some shakeups in the top of the rankings.

The Cowboys are the big riser of the week, moving up five spots from 27th to 22nd after back-to-back wins. Moving down the rankings are the Raiders, who stopped their impressive win streak and fell from 11th to 16th.

The Panthers have firmly cemented their status as the worst team in the league and are yet again the unanimously 32nd ranked team. The 32nd team for much of the season, the Bills is blazing up the charts all the way to 28th.

Divisional Average Rankings
1. AFC East - 12.64
2. NFC South - 13.17
3. NFC East - 14.20
4. AFC South - 15.83
5. AFC North - 15.92
6. AFC West - 17.39
7. NFC North - 18.08
8. NFC West - 24.78

The AFC East remains the top division in the NFL (easy to do with two of the top three teams). The AFC South took a step back due to three of four teams losing on Sunday. Of course the putrid NFC West continued being the worst division in recent sports memory, going 0-4 on the weekend yet again.

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