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November 9, 2010 5:30 PM

Ravens Top Week 10 NFL Power Rankings

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With the top two teams from last week losing the Ravens ascended to the top of the RCS NFL Power Ranking Averages. Last week's top team the Pats fell from first to sixth and the Colts fell from second to eighth. Leap-frogging a few teams ahead of them the Giants rose from sixth to second on the strength of their blowout victory in Seattle.

At the bottom of the rankings the Bills have finally worked their way out of a cellar despite having no wins on the season, as they are now narrowly ranked above the Panthers.

The hottest team of the week is the Chargers who climbed up from 20th to 15th and are suddenly back in the playoff picture in the AFC West. But the clear hottest team in the NFL is the Raiders who in the last four weeks have progressed from 28th to 22nd to 16th to now 12th.

Ranking Abnormalities:

Pro Football Talk has the Browns ranked 14th, while no other site has them higher than 20th (CBS has them lowest at 24th)

CBS has the Chargers ranked at 22nd - every other site has them at least 18th (USA Today has them highest at 12th)

For some reason Sporting News has the Cowboys at 26th, not that it's a high ranking but no one else has them above 29th and two sites (FanHouse and PFT) have them dead last.

Divisional Average Rankings 
1. AFC North - 13.22
2. AFC South - 14.14
3. AFC East - 14.17
4. NFC South - 15.25
5. NFC East - 15.39
6. NFC North - 17.53
7. AFC West - 17.86
8. NFC West - 24.50

The only two AFC South teams who played last week lost causing them to drop out of the top spot in the divisional rankings. The AFC North rose up to claim the top ranking thanks to having two of the top three teams and a rise by the Browns thanks to their upset of the Pats. Meanwhile the NFC West continues to look as unimpressive as possible. 

Rankings from CBSESPNFanHouseFox SportsNFL.comPro Football TalkSB NationSporting News, and USA Today

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