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November 2, 2010 4:26 PM

Pats Take Over NFL Power Rankings

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The Patriots are the unanimous top ranked team in this week's RCS NFL Power Ranking Averages. Last week's top two, the Jets and Steelers, fell down to 5th and 4th respectively. Joining the top ten this week are the Packers at 8th (last week 12th) and the Chiefs at 10th (last week 11th). Falling out of the top ten are the Titans, who dropped from 6th to 11th and the Texans who fell from 9th to 13th.

At the bottom of the rankings, just like the Bills are getting closer to a win each week, they are closer to getting out of the basement of the power rankings, receiving a last place ranking from only five of nine sites this week. The Panthers, Broncos, Cowboys, and Vikings received the remaining 32nd rankings.

The Raiders moved up the most spots of any team this week rising from 22nd to 16th behind two straight dominating performances. The Titans (6th to 11th) and Cardinals (20th to 25th) fell the most spots.

Two of the teams with the largest range of rankings among the sites were the Packers, ranked 4th by SB Nation and 14th by CBS and the Raiders, 11th by Pro Football Talk, 21st by Fox. But neither can match the Vikings, who are ranked 17th by USA Today and 32nd by Pro Football Talk. For the most inexplicable ranking of the week Sporting News believes that the Cowboys are the 21st best team; no other site has them ranked higher than 29th, with FanHouse ranking them 32nd.

Divisional Ranking Averages:
1. AFC South - 12.05
2. AFC East - 12.64
3t. NFC South - 15.00
3t. AFC North - 15.00
5. NFC East - 16.42
6. NFC North - 18.89
7. AFC West - 19.00
8. NFC West - 23.00

The AFC South remains the top ranked division, but the AFC East is close behind. The NFC East slipped this week thanks to losses by the Redskins and Cowboys. Last week the AFC West and NFC West were in a close battle for worst division, but there is no question this week as the NFC West stands alone as the worst in football. Overall the AFC is quite dominant, with the top five overall teams and 10 of the top 16.

Rankings from CBS, ESPN, FanHouse, Fox Sports,, Pro Football Talk, SB Nation, Sporting News, and USA Today

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