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November 25, 2010 2:00 AM

Pay Homage to Gamblor - Week 12

It's a holiday week, I'm not writing an intro in order to prep for maximum laziness in the coming days. Here are the abbreviated picks:

Last Week: 9-7
Season: 77-78-5
Lock of the Week: 9-2

Home team in CAPS

Patriots (-6.5) over LIONS
Thumbnail image for Lock of the Week.jpgLock of the Week
It just wouldn't be Thanksgiving without watching the Lions get beat by double digits. Of course, no team has stood on top of the power rankings for more than two consecutive weeks, which is where the Pats now stand. So perhaps they are due for a loss, or we may have to face the sad reality that New England is once again the best team in the NFL. By the way, how can you like any of the best teams in the AFC? Everything about the Patriots, Jets, Steelers, and Ravens is horrible; also all of them have very annoying fans.

Saints (-3.5) over COWBOYS
The Saints are starting to look like last year's team, so even though the Cowboys no longer suck hopefully we will all get to enjoy watching them lose while gorging ourselves.

Bengals (+9) over JETS
T.O. is right, the Bengals are awful, but the Jets don't beat teams by decisive margins. They will continue to win games against inferior opponents by the smallest of margins.

Vikings (+2) over REDSKINS
The Redskins are one of the best in the NFL at losing games they should win.

BILLS (+6.5) over Steelers
Maybe the Bills don't even need Andrew Luck. Ryan Fitzpatrick lit up the Bengals like they were Yale last week.

TEXANS (-6.5) over Titans
When the QB situation goes bad in Tennessee it really goes bad. Much like they did with Steve McNair, the Titans have now asked Vince Young not to show up at or use team facilities. Residents of Nashville, enjoy Rusty Smith!

GIANTS (-7) over Jaguars
I refuse to believe in Jacksonville, even if they run the table and win the Super Bowl I will refuse to believe in Jacksonville.

Panthers (+11) over BROWNS
If the Browns were smart they'd tell Jake Delhomme that he's still on the Panthers before the game, that way they'll ensure he won't throw any balls to them.

Buccaneers (+7.5) over RAVENS
The Bucs get no respect. They have the same record as the Ravens and the spread is more than a TD. I'm not saying Tampa is going to win the game, but out of principle I'm picking them to at least cover.

Eagles (-3.5) over BEARS
While I just said the Bucs deserve more respect for being 7-3, I cannot believe the Bears are 7-3 and do not respect them. Their offense cannot score enough points to hang with the Eagles.

Packers (+2) over FALCONS
This will be an awesome game. Very possibly a preview of the NFC Championship. The Packers defense has been playing out of its mind lately and I think they'll be able to hand Matt Ryan his first home loss.

RAIDERS (-3) over Dolphins
I was wrong to trust the Raiders last week, but I was more wrong to trust Tyler Thigpen. I've learned my lesson now.

SEAHAWKS (+1.5) over Chiefs
The Chiefs tend to do poorly on the road and the Seahawks tend to play well at home. Also the Chiefs need to lose a game so that San Diego can inevitably take over and win the AFC West again. We are all stupid for being tricked into thinking that this season would be any different.

BRONCOS (-4) over Rams
While it is highly likely the Broncos big win over the Chiefs two weeks ago was just an aberration I'm giving them one more chance to prove they aren't awful and Josh McDaniels shouldn't be fired. If they can't beat a Rams team that struggles mightily on the road it's time to start considering a new coach and/or GM.

Chargers (+3) over COLTS
The Chargers mid to late season charge continues and now they get Vincent Jackson back and will start looking like a real playoff team.

CARDINALS (+1) over 49ers
Break out the board games on Monday night because you will not want to be anywhere near a TV when this game is on.

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