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December 7, 2010 2:30 PM

Week 14 NFL Power Ranking Averages

nfl week 14.pngThe Patriots have wrestled the top spot away from the Falcons in the most recent RCS NFL Power Ranking Averages thanks to their throttling of the formerly third-ranked Jets, who in turn fell to fifth. Elsewhere in the top ten, the Steelers rose from 6th to 3rd after beating the Ravens and the Giants reentered the top ten, moving up one spot from 11th to 10th. After gaining much favor and entering the top ten last week the Chargers lost to the Raiders and fell from 10th to 14th.

Moving the most spots this week are the Redskins, who fell from 20th to 25th and now have suspended the highest paid defensive player in the year (Albert Haynesworth) for the rest of the season; although CBS still has the Skins ranked 18th (no other site has them higher than 24th).

The Colts are slipping, reaching an all-time RCS Averages low coming in at 15th, ranked as high as 13th by SB Nation and USA Today, but all the way down at 21st by FanHouse.

Divisional Average Rankings
1. NFC South - 12.95
2. AFC East - 13.61
3. AFC North  - 14.84
4. NFC East - 15.85
5. NFC North - 16.06
6. AFC West - 16.97
7. AFC South - 17.86
8. NFC West - 23.94

For the first week of the season a NFC division has the highest average ranking. Despite having the lowest ranked team the NFC South has the best overall ranking with two teams in the top four and three in the top 13. Thanks to another Colts loss the AFC South has dropped below the AFC West, as the Chiefs looks to be the best team in either of those divisions. And of course the NFC West is still awful.

Rankings from CBS, ESPN, FanHouse, Fox Sports,, PFT, SB Nation, Sporting News, and USA Today

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