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December 21, 2010 2:54 PM

Week 16 NFL Power Ranking Averages

nfl week 16.pngNot a whole lot changes from week to week in the NFL Power Rankings at this point in the season. The Patriots still sit atop the RCS NFL Power Ranking Averages and the top ten holds nine of the same ten teams from the past two weeks. The Chargers have moved into the top ten, replacing the Packers in the 10th position.

At the bottom of the rankings the Panthers nearly moved out of last place, receiving a ranking of 32nd from only five of nine sites, with the Broncos and Cardinals claiming the other last place rankings.

The Titans are the hot team of the week, moving up from 25th to 20th. Their move however was more likely due to six of the seven teams ranked from 18th-24th losing, rather than the Titans snapping their own losing-streak with a win against the Texans.

The top ranked team not currently in playoff position is the Chargers, who come in at 10th, while the Rams are currently in playoff position, but ranked down at 19th.

Divisional Average Rankings:
1. AFC East - 12.42
2. NFC South - 13.36
3. NFC East - 14.56
4. AFC North - 15.75
5. AFC South - 17.06
6. AFC West - 17.11
7. NFC North - 17.28
8. NFC West - 24.47

The AFC East became the highest average ranked division this week, switching spots with the NFC South. Everything else stayed the same except the AFC West surpassed the NFC North and nearly caught the AFC South.

Rankings from CBS, ESPN, FanHouse, Fox Sports,, PFT, SB Nation, Sporting News, and USA Today

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