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December 29, 2010 4:19 PM

Week 17 NFL Power Ranking Averages

nfl week 17.pngA note to start off with, it seems some of the rankings were posted prior to Tuesday night's Eagles-Vikings game, so the Eagles are a little higher than they should be on some sites (looking at you FanHouse)

The Pats are clearly the unanimously top ranked team in the NFL Power Ranking Averages by a good margin. The Ravens and Falcons are tied for second, but have an average ranking of 3.22, meaning there is no clear second best team as of right now. The Packers and Chiefs jumped back into the top ten this week as the Charger and Giants fell out.

The Packers moved up five spots in the rankings this week, from 13th to 8th, but the big climber was the Lions who moved from 26th to 19th after their third straight win. The Texans dropped the most spots, falling from 21st to 26th, but they also had the oddest collection of rankings. Houston was ranked as high as 20th (CBS) while also being ranked 30th (Fox and USA Today) and 31st (PFT).

Similar discrepancies popped up for the Browns, who range from 22nd (FanHose, Fox) to 31st (CBS); the Cardinals, range from 22nd (PFT) to 31st (Fox, NFL); and the Titans who are ranked as high as 17th (SB Nation) and as low as 29th (PFT).

Divisional Average Rankings:
1. NFC South - 13.36
2. AFC East - 14.00
3. NFC North - 14.17
4. AFC North - 15.17
5. NFC East - 15.58
6. AFC West - 17.53
7. AFC South - 18.17
8. NFC West - 24.45

The NFC South takes the reigns as the top conference after three of four AFC East teams lost last week. A four for four week against tough competition moved the NFC North up from seventh to third.

Rankings from CBS, ESPN, FanHouse, Fox Sports,, PFT, SB Nation, Sporting News, and USA Today

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