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December 14, 2010 5:00 PM

Patriots Control RCS NFL Power Ranking Averages

nfl week 15.pngThe Patriots gained firmer control of the top spot in the RCS NFL Power Ranking Averages this week after their blowout victory over the Bears in the Chicago snow. While the top five in the rankings are the same as last week's rankings there has been some shuffling in the lower half of the top ten, but no new teams have entered or exited the top ten.

There are a few odd outliers in the rankings this week. Starting with the Browns, who have an average rank of 22.11, but CBS has them ranked 29th, while no one else ranks them lower than 24th. CBS also ranks the Redskins 20th, with no other site ranking them higher than 25th. The Dolphins meanwhile, are ranked 10th by PFT, and no higher than 15th by anyone else.

The 49ers moved more spots than any team this week rising from 26th to 21st in the rankings while thrusting themselves back into the NFC West hunt.

Divisional Average Rankings:
1. NFC South - 12.56
2. AFC East - 13.36
3. NFC East - 14.72
4. AFC North - 15.33
5. AFC South - 17.20
6. NFC North - 17.36
7. AFC West - 18.36
8. NFC West - 23.11

The NFC South remains the top ranked division, with three of their top four teams winning last week (obviously not the Panthers). The NFC East and AFC South both improved their average ranking while the NFC North and AFC West both took a slight tumble. In the NFC West every team but the Rams have an average ranking below 20, the Rams pass that barrier by the skin of their teeth with a 19.67 average ranking.

Rankings from CBS, ESPN, FanHouse, Fox Sports,, PFT, SB Nation, Sporting News, and USA Today

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