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February 4, 2011 10:00 PM

Super Bowl Predictions From the Experts

Photo for front.jpgEvery single possible storyline has been covered. There have been the feel-good tales of the punter who was making ends meet by being a tutor before joining the Packers and a pivotal player on the Steelers who survived homelessness and rough neighborhoods. There were the obvious stories of Big Ben's redemption and Mike McCarthy having grown up in Pittsburgh. But in the end, those stories won't matter and the only thing that counts is who plays better Sunday night.

So who do the experts think will play better? Here is a running list of predictions:

Predicting the Steelers to Win (20)

Sports Illustrated's Peter King - 33-27

Sports Illustrated's Jim Trotter - 24-20

Sports Illustrated's Joe Posnanski - 27-23

Sports Illustrated's Kerry Byrne - 24-21

NFL Network's Deion Sanders (Video)

CBS Sports' Phil Simms (Video)

Los Angeles Times' Sam Farmer - 28-24

Miami Herald's Greg Cote - 24-20

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's Gene Collier - 28-26

Dallas Morning News' Kevin Sherrington (Link)

ProFootballTalk's Mike Florio - 27-24

ESPN's John Clayton - 30-28

ESPN's James Walker - 27-24

ESPN's Matt Mosley - 27-24

ESPN's Michael Wilbon - 28-24

ESPN's Matt Williamson - 23-20's Mark Kriegel - 23-20's Jason Whitlock - 28-24's Steve Bien-Aime - 17-14

Madden Video Game Simulation - 24-20

Predicting the Packers to Win (33)

Sports Illustrated's Don Banks - 31-20

Sports Illustrated's Tim Layden - 30-16

Sports Illustrated's Dominic Bonvissuto - 24-17

Sports Illustrated's Andrew Perloff - 28-21

NFL Network's Daryl Johnston (Video)

NFL Network's Michael Irvin (Video)

Dallas Morning News' Tim Cowlishaw (Link)

ProFootballTalk's Gregg Rosenthal - 35-27

ESPN's Kevin Seifert - 27-19

ESPN's Mike Sando - 27-13

ESPN's Greg Garber - 27-20

ESPN's Rick Reilly - 24-16

ESPN's Jeff Chadiha - 31-28

ESPN's Gregg Easterbrook - 23-20

ESPN's Sal Paolantonio - 28-27

ESPN's Gene Wojciechowski - 24-21

ESPN's Bill Simmons - 37-27

ESPN's Adam Schefter - 28-24's Nancy Gay - 28-24's Alex Marvez - 27-23's John Czarnecki - 28-24's Adam Schein - 24-20's Adam Caplan - 27-24's Peter Schrager - 31-27

Football Outsiders (after an exhaustive analysis, they predict Packers by 3-7 points)

RealClearSports' Jeff Neuman - 31-20

RCS Blog Network's Dan Flaherty - 31-20

RCS Blog Network's John Sucich - 31-20

RCS Blog Network's Mario Sarmento - 30-24

Three experts for Wall Street Journal (Link)

Vegas - The line for this game has the Packers favored by 2.5 points


NFL Network's Brian Billick (Video) - Billick predicted the score would be 30-24 but wouldn't say which team he thought would win.

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