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May 2, 2011 11:02 AM

2011 NFL Draft Report Card

Now that the NFL Draft is over we can't spend hours pouring over various mock drafts, but we can look back at the draft and assess how teams have done. Nearly every sports website comes out with their own version of draft grades, so took it upon ourselves to average them all out to come up with a comprehensive draft report card. Opinions are widely varied (and one could argue fairly irrelevant as we won't have any real idea until a few seasons down the line) from site to site.

The RCS Grade Averages were calculated like a standard GPA (4.0 for an A, 3.7 for an A-, 3.3 for a B+, 3.0 for a B, 2.7 for a B-, etc.). USA Today decided to take the easy way out with any team that picked a QB high in the draft by giving them an incomplete. The incomplete grades were not factored into the team's GPA.

2011 Draft Report Card.pngOverall, the grades were pretty kind. If this were school, every team would have passed with at least a C average. At the top of the class were the Lions with a 3.68 GPA, receiving at least a B+ from each grader.

At the bottom of the barrel are the Seahawks, who actually finished with the highest draft GPA last year. Still despite being last, they came up with a 2.05 GPA, with grades ranging from B+ to D.

The Jaguars had the lowest single grade as Sports Illustrated gave them an F- for not addressing their clear defensive deficiencies, but they had quite a wide range of grades overall, getting a B+ from Yahoo and ending up with a 2.1 average.

So don't get too excited or depressed based on your teams grades, even the experts can't agree. The Bears were given both an A- and an F, so clearly draft grades should be taken with a grain of salt.

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