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January 31, 2012 9:00 AM

Coca-Cola Bringing All-Out Blitz in Super Bowl Campaign

Super Bowl ads are no longer just about the buzz they create during the game. More and more companies try to generate interest before the game and hope the campaign is strong enough to keep people talking well after the game has ended. With that in mind, Coke invited members of the media to get a sneak peek at its latest Super Bowl ad campaign.

The Super Bowl hasn't been a fixture for Coca-Cola like it has been for rival Pepsi, but the company is going all-in this year with its latest ad campaign.

With a 30-second spot costing north of $3.5 million, it's important for advertisers to make the most of that ad buy. Companies want their ads to create buzz that will last for weeks after the game. They want to be the talk at the coffee pot on Monday morning. And in the current climate they want to engage viewers and spread their message through social media.

Coke Polar Bears.jpgCoca-Cola has launched an all-out campaign in an attempt to achieve all of those goals. Coke is bringing the bears to the Super Bowl. Before you try to make a prop bet that Cutler will throw a first-quarter interception, you should know it's the iconic polar bears. The bears are coming out of hibernation to watch the Super Bowl. But it's not as if the polar bears are exactly cutting edge and Coke wasn't about to stray from their brand and have the bears do something odd or salacious to create buzz. Instead, they have made them highly interactive.

Aside from the television ads during and after the game, you can watch along with the bears. With the help of CGI animation, puppeteers and writers, Coke will make the bears come to life in real time. They will actually be watching and reacting to the game just like the fans and you can follow along at (there are already three videos posted that you can view right now). You can then tweet with the bears, post video clips to Facebook or even send in fan pictures they will display on their tablets.

But that's just part of what makes this ad campaign so unique. During the game, Coke will run a spot that reflects what has actually transpired on the field. Its postgame commercial will also be unique to the results.

This is all part of Coke's overall marketing plan to engage viewers with multiple platforms and to get viewers to market their product.

As a football fan and not just a Super Bowl fan, I'll probably be too focused on the game to check in on what the bears are up to, but even for people like me the bears bring certain benefits. After the game you can send condolences or congratulations to fans (depending on their rooting interest) and that comes with a coupon for a free Coke. If only Apple would adopt the same policy.

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