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June 26, 2012 9:17 PM

NBA Mock Draft Compilation 3

Updated June 27th

The NBA Draft is fast approaching and prospects stocks are going up and down each day. With that in mind we take another look at mock drafts from around the web. We examine nine mock drafts, placed side-by-side to determine which players are expected to land where.

The average projected draft order is tabulated and listed in the column RCS Average Selection; this does not take into account who a specific team is projected to pick, it is just a list of players in the order of their average draft position across the mock drafts used. The Common Pick column looks at the mode selection at each spot among all eight mock drafts. If no Common Pick is selected it means that at least three players were selected by an equal number of mock drafts at that spot. (click to enlarge)

Final Mock 1-15.pngFinal Mock 16-30.png

There is a good chance the Bobcats will deal the second pick, which could turn all of these mock drafts on their head. If not, it is expected that they will select Thomas Robinson and the Wizards will follow with Bradley Beal and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist and Harrison Barnes will finish out the top five in one order or another.

Falling down the draft boards is Jared Sullinger, who dropped from ninth in the our last compilation to nineteenth due to concerns about his potential back problems. Meanwhile Austin Rivers is moving up the boards, climbing from 16th to 9th in this edition.

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