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September 21, 2008 5:13 AM

The HR race

Who's gonna win it? No not the "race" between the probable NL MVP Ryan Howard and Dunner (AD would need one heck of a hot streak for even a .2% chance at winning it). I'm talking about the Reds rookie HR race between Jay Bruce and Joey Votto. After that 7 HR game where each had 2 they are knotted neck and neck at 21. That got me wondering...who will finish with more?

Quick case for each:

Jay Bruce - The future of the franchise rests in this dudes batting gloves, and if I were the GM or owner I'd be feeling pretty good about that after this season. He's still a bit raw, but his talent is obvious to anyone whose watched him. There's no doubt he's got more power than Votto, easy to see since he got a late start. If he came back next year and "repeated this year" so to speak, he'd hit something like .260 with 30 bombs and 80 RBI. That would be a pretty successful second year for any player. Bruce, however, has a good chance to hit a lot better...a real, real good chance. (Interesting fact I noticed: All of Bruce's RBI in September have come off homeruns.)

Joey Votto - This guy is right now our best hitter. JB will definitely challenge that someday, but as it stands he's our best. He has looked very good at the dish in his rookie season. You just see a polish you wouldn't expect out of a rookie, a professional approach to the game. A rookie LH hitter with a .276 avg vs. Lefties? That's got to be a little rare, he will hit .300 at some point in his career.

My pick: Votto, barely. You can make a good case for each, but I'm going to go with Votto because he's older, and looks to be better right now at hitting ML pitching. Also because it might be his last chance to have more than Bruce in a season, barring any small injuries that cut into their seasons, of course. Hard to go against our future power hitter though.

Who's your pick?

(Update: I missed Saturday's game. While I did read about it, I read about it before the frosty beverages I had prior to writing this article. I forgot about Bruce leaving the game because of his wrist. I just watched the archived game, and the ball skipped off his wrist instead of hitting it straight on. So that's a good thing, plus x-rays were negative. I bring this up because if he sits any amount of time, this article I wrote is pretty much useless and a complete waste of time. So if that turns out to be the case, please be my guest and tell me how dumb I am in the comments. Or I guess you can just go ahead and do that anyway...)

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