Redlegs Rundown

June 2, 2009 1:02 PM

Biggest win of the year?

I went to bed after Dickerson three-hopped a throw to second base and still didn't get Pujols out after he apparently broke his ankle.  btw...nice slide, Albert!  Who taught you how to slide like that?  I know Abner LaRussa didn't.

Anyway, Volquez came out after the first inning.  The Reds already had lost three in a row and looked bored doing so in Milwaukee, then Dusty puts in Mike Lincoln.  Get some extra sleep, right? 

Well, the sucker that I am watched a little.  Watched Rasmus smoke a homer to center.  Game over, roll over and close your eyes.  It'll be better in the morning with a good night of sleep. 

Why can't I go to bed??  There's no way this team minus Joey Votto, Willy Taveras, EE, a hurting Brandon Phillips, and 8 innings from the bullpen can win this game. 

I'm a little tired this morning, but damn was it worth it.  I would have missed the Little Red Machine and its band of never-give-up ragtag players battle tooth and nail to pull out what could be viewed as the season's biggest win so far.  Yes, it is only one win.  Yes, they are still 1-3 on the trip.  Yes, the bullpen is now somewhat depleted.  But, they do have Bronson Arroyo going tonight and you know he'll at least give them five innings.  He may give up 10 runs, but he'll at least give them five innings.

This team never ceases to amaze me.  Somehow, someway, they found a way to win that game.  Clutch two-out hits from Ramon Hernandez and Laynce Nix gave them the lead, and the Reds' killer bullpen never gave it back. 

The Reds did it all without the benefit of a homer.  They did it with execution, timely hitting, and putting the ball in play (Adam Rosales' sac fly). 

Eight innings of relief??  What did the game go 16 innings again???  Mike Lincoln has taken his share of beatings (both on and off the field), and deservedly so.  But, last night, he gave them three innings of one-run baseball.  Then my main man Daniel Ray Herrera came up big yet again with his wide assortment of junk.  He got Albert Pujols to ground into a double play.  Let me say that again...Daniel Ray Herrera got the best hitter in the game of baseball to ground into an inning-ending double play.  How??  Kid is awesome, that's how!!

After Herrera came the flame-throwing Nick Masset (thanks White Sox for giving up on this guy).  Oh, memo to Mo Egger: Mo, I love you, man, but if the Reds have to DL Volquez, you DO NOT under any circumstances take Masset out of the role he's in.  This guy is absolutely mowing batters down one inning at a time.  I don't take any chances of screwing that up.  I call up Matt Maloney and let him throw puss at the Cubs Saturday.  

After Masset, the ever-steady Arthur Rhodes and Francisco Cordero, who gave us a little scare with the warning track fly ball off the bat of Ryan Ludwick.  Reds win!!  Holy crap! 

Now, the boys have a chance.  Tonight, Bronson Arroyo faces Brad Thompson who hasn't thrown in 16 days.  How much can the Cards expect from him tonight?  My guess is not much.  Then you have Cueto against Douche, I mean Lohse.  Followed by Harang, who has to get it going again soon, right?  He'll face Chris Carpenter, who is 3-0 with a sub 1.00 ERA...but he's due for a stint on the DL soon, so we may get a break there. 

Either way, the Reds will still be over .500 no matter what happens the rest of the trip.  They just have to keep their heads above water and hope Votto, Taveras, EE, Volquez, and everyone else who is dinged up can get healthy very soon. 

Good night...I'm going to take a nap.  Go Reds!!  

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