Redlegs Rundown

June 8, 2009 2:20 AM

Things that need to happen and soon...

I'm not trying to be negative, but enduring Sunday's ridiculous loss after the Reds had countless chances to win really irritates me.  I know the Reds are not going to win the division.  Unfortunately, they probably are not going to win the Wild Card.  But, they could at least be over .500 this year.  I believe they can do that. 

So, in order for this to happen, I would like these moves made:

  • Mike Lincoln designated for assignment.  Walt should just admit he made a mistake and let him walk.  Bring up Viola or Roenicke so the bullpen can be whole again.  Sorry, Mike, you had a really good 2008, but it's just not happening this year.  You are a batting tee and the Reds cannot afford to keep you on the roster.
  • (This will be unpopular) Send Adam Rosales back to AAA Louisville.  Hustle only gets you so far, Adam.  I'm not comparing him to Ryan Freel because I do believe Rosales actually has talent.  But, lately, Adam has REALLY seemed lost at the plate.  He had not one but two chances to win Sunday's game with nothing short of a routine fly ball.  He couldn't do that.  Saturday night, don't be fooled, if not for a terrible throw by Fontenot, Bruce would have been out at the plate and Rosales wouldn't have come through.  I love the kid's fire and enthusiasm, but he's not getting it done.
  • Nick Masset assumes the 8th inning.  He shares it with Arthur Rhodes.  David Weathers is NOT a setup man right now. 
  • I know this one can't happen pronto, but Edwin Encarnacion, like him or not, needs to get healthy in a hurry.  Jerry Hairston is not a third baseman.  Yeah yeah the Reds win with him in the lineup, but he's not a third baseman. 
  • Oh...Joey Votto, get well soon!! 
Other notes...

Dickerson/Taveras: can Dickerson keep this up?  I doubt it, but he's been pretty good of late.  Does he inherit the centerfield job?

Does anyone have any faith in Alex Gonzalez or Paul Janish?  Seriously...I think pitchers laugh when Janish comes to the plate. 

The Reds are still two games over .500, and that's great.  But, if they are to keep it up, things are going to have to change around here.  Let's hope sooner than later.   

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