Redlegs Rundown

June 29, 2009 6:57 PM

What's the big deal?

So the Reds missed out on Mark DeRosa.  Whooppeeee!  Good lord I'm certainly not giving up much for a guy who is a free agent after this year.  Is he really that BIG bat to help us get over the top?  To me, he isn't. 

I'm glad the Cardinals got him.  Let them overpay for everyone.  I'm sure they'll go after Matt Holliday, who also is a free agent after this season. 

I'd be ALL for getting Matt Holliday, don't get me wrong.  But, I'm not, I repeat NOT giving up the talent the A's want for him for half a season.  IF the Reds could negotiate and extension, I'll listen.  I'm not mortgaging the farm for a half a season.

As for the other "gems" out there who have been linked to the Reds.  Please NO!!!

Julio Lugo??  Pass

Gary Matthews Jr?  Pass

Ty Wigginton?  Not impressed

Josh Willingham?  ehh  still not giving up big prospects for him

I will take my chances honestly.  I know that's not the popular stance.  Everyone wants the Reds to buy buy buy to "prove they're committed to winning".  I hate this view.  Overpaying for a half a season is a commitment to winning?  Not to me.  It's a commitment to idiocy and caving to public opinion.

Memo to Walt Jocketty: please don't make ANY trades unless it's to get rid of Harang or Arroyo's salary...OR to get a BIG bat who will be here more than half a season.  I'd be fine with a season and a half, but not just a couple months. 

Are the Reds going to the World Series with Mark DeRosa in the lineup?  Nope.  Might they with Matt Holliday?  I like their chances a lot more. 

Think big!  Not small.   

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