Redlegs Rundown

June 3, 2009 7:01 PM

Who pitches Saturday for Volquez?

Now that Edinson Volquez is back on the disabled list, the Reds need another starter.  That spot comes back up again Saturday against the Cubbies.  Who should get the nod? 

Bronson Arroyo on three days rest?  Homer Bailey?  Nick Masset?  Matt Maloney?

My choice: Matt Maloney. 

I don't care that he throws puss (according to scouts).  His ERA is 2.00 in AAA and he's been WAY more consistent than Homer Bailey. 

I don't throw Bronson on three days of rest.  Mainly I don't do that because you would then have to throw Cueto on three days rest unless you brought someone up. 

So, that means if you bring someone up, it has to be Maloney, who has been very good lately and it would be his day to throw.  Or you try Homer Bailey again.

Me, I'm kind of tired of seeing Homer throw four innings and 100 pitches, while walking a half dozen, then bitching about it being someone else's fault.  What has he done up here besides remind everyone that while he does have potential, he is still a 22-year-old who doesn't get it yet?  For all we know he could be Brandon Larson, a perfect AAAA pitcher.  Great in AAA, terrible in the Majors.  That's still to be determined.

I give Matt Maloney a shot.  He's never had one.  Homer has had a bunch.  Let someone else take the chance and run with it.  If he's terrible, fine.  He at least got a taste of it.  It'll make him better for next time he's up, hopefully. 

The pitcher I don't even consider giving a spot start to is Nick Masset.  Reason:  why would you take him out of the role he's dominating right now?  Why ruin that?  He's rolling.  Let him stay in his comfort zone.  Let a starter start.  Let the reliever relieve.  Makes sense to me.  Hopefully it will make sense to the Reds' brass in the next few days.

Who would YOU start?  Why? 

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