Redlegs Rundown

July 12, 2009 8:19 PM

A Much Needed Break

As the Reds finish up the final game before the All-Star break, I'm sure they're looking forward to some much needed rest.  The entire team, aside from Cordero (our pity representative) will finally get some rest.  Fans, on the other hand, will also get a break from watching this Reds team underperform as we wait anxiously for some move to be made. With Bruce going out for who knows how long, I'm looking forward to Jonny Gomes getting more playing time, but I think something else still needs to happen.  Maybe I'm just frustrated right now, but I would be willing to deal nearly anyone on this team to get that elusive right-handed bat.  Namely, I want Arroyo and/or Harang gone.  These guys are tossing batting practice to the league right now, and with the emergence of Homer Bailey and the eventual return of Edinson Volquez, these old dudes are on their way out.  Now I understand about leadership and pitching a lot of innings and whatnot, but who cares?  Let the old timers in the bullpen lead these young guys and eat up the final 3-4 innings of the game.  


Maybe I'm starting to lose it, but what if they give Votto a shot in the outfield now that Bruce is out?  We all remember how well Hernandez and Hanigan performed when Votto was out, and I think Votto is definitely athletic enough to play outfield again.  I know he's worked hard at first for a long time now, but I don't think Laynce Nix will be able to play everyday and no one in the minors is quite ready yet, so why not shake things up?  Again, just an idea from a frustrated fan, but if the front office doesn't make any significant trades before the deadline and Bruce's injury is worse than we hope, then I quote the great Ron White: "Take 'er down, I don't care." 


Rookie of the Year is on AMC right now and I think it might be the perfect movie.  Slap some hot ice on Jay Bruce's wrist and he'll be back in a week.  I also think the Cubs' manager is modeled after Dusty Baker. 



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