Redlegs Rundown

July 17, 2009 1:08 PM

Bag it!

Dear Walt,

Do NOT trade for a right handed hitter.  It will only bring a marginal bat and will cost a few prospects.  He will not allow the Reds to hop over four other teams in the division or even get close to the Wild Card. 

This season is rapidly trade Arroyo and Harang's contracts.  Let Homer stay up all year and bring back Maloney and perhaps give some other youngsters some time this year. 

Dump Taveras.

Bring up Stubbs.  Let Heisey learn a little bit more.  He's only been at AAA for a few weeks now. 

Let Hanigan play more.  I like Hernandez, but the Reds can probably get by without him next year...especially if Votto is fully healthy. 

Play Janish at short.  See if he can hit major league pitching once and for all (my guess is no).  Right now, we don't know for sure.  Gonzo will not be back next year so we have to find a shortstop not named Jerry Hairson Jr.


Oh and could someone slap Todd Coffey for being a waste in Cincinnati.  Thanks for sucking here, Todd and then going to Milwaukee and dominating.  Jerk!

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