Redlegs Rundown

July 22, 2009 6:59 PM

Boom Goes the Dynamite!

How did we get to this point?  After a decent start to the season where everyone was hoping/praying for things to be different in Cincinnati for a change, things have rapidly returned to a "same old same old" scenario for our beloved Redlegs. 

You could say injuries.  I won't.  I hate the if if if card.  We've played it every year and it gets old.  In the end, the Reds are playing with some castoffs and some "never will be" players.  Face it, Laynce Nix played AAA last year.  Gomes was shipped off by the talent-rich Rays.  Hairston was sent packing by the Cubs of all teams.  Taveras was a last resort.  Dickerson has to be 35 and is still a rookie.  Janish couldn't hit his way out of a paper bag.  You get my point. 

While I think the nucleus is there for a contender, we're just not there yet.  Will it happen next year?  At this point I'm prepared to say no.  However, you never know.  We all go back to the 1999 team that no one thought was any good.  They won 96 games out of nowhere. 

So, again, I plead the Reds to blow it up. 

Here's to hoping Arroyo is dominant tonight so his asking price goes up.  Here's hoping Jerry Hairston goes on a tear to improve his value (if any).  He won't be back next year...ship him off. 

Am I being redundant?  Yeah, probably.  But, so have the Reds year after year, game after game.  They're losing at a high rate right now.  It's probably not going to stop...even after Volquez finally comes back. 

On Bailey and Bruce: this might be why we should leave Stubbs and Heisey in AAA for now.  You see how much they have struggled in their time with the big club.  Yet fans/experts were clamoring for them to come up months before they did and claimed the Reds had no clue what they were doing "bring them up already, what a bunch of fools".  Maybe they were right.  Both have had their moments, but in large part have disappointed considering all the hype.  So, let's leave the kids alone and let them develop and bring them up when they are ready to succeed, not just because the big club is struggling.

In closing...BLOW IT UP, WALT!!! 

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