Redlegs Rundown

July 30, 2009 2:04 PM

Never give up (warning: rant)

But they're making it VERY difficult to be a Reds fan these days.  I love the Reds.  Always have.  Always will.  They are MY team.  Born and raised in Cincinnati during the 70s although I don't remember the Big Red Machine...I was just 3 and 4 when they won back to back World Championships. 

I do, however, remember 1990 and how unbelievable that season was.  Unfortunately, and amazingly, we'll be 20 years removed from that at the start of the next season.  Wow, that is scary. 

Scarier?  It's been almost 10 freaking years since the Reds were OVER .500!!!  Think about that.  The last winning season was 2000????  Good God! 

Does it look like that will be ending any time soon?  In a word: NO!  This season did start out with hope and promise.  There was the Arizona sweep (the high point in my opinion) but that didn't last long as they then got swept in San Diego by the Padres.  You know, the team the Reds have to beat today in order to SPLIT a home series??  The Padres, who are 22 games UNDER .500 and in dead last place of the N.L. West?? 

Speaking of dead last place, that's exactly where the Reds look like they're going to finish this year despite the fact a AA team is currently playing in Pittsburgh Pirates uniforms.  Yeah, the Pirates suck.  Always do.  Guess what bad teams do: they get rid of bad players and bad contracts.

What do the Reds do: keep bad players and HORRIBLE contracts because "the losing stops now", right Bob?? 

Seriously, what the hell are they waiting on?  There's still over two months left in this bad, and getting horribly worse, season.  Are they really expecting people to show up to watch this crap? 

Idea:  let Joey Votto and Brandon Phillips bat 1st and 2nd.  When they get on base, call "ghost runner" and let them bat again.  Occasionally let the pitchers bunt the "ghost runners" over and let Votto and Phillips bat all the time. 

I know people love Nix and Gomes, but seriously do you expect the Reds to win with them in the lineup everyday?  I don't.  Sorry, they BOTH are nice role players but I don't want any part of a Reds team with them as everyday players.  Same goes for Jerry Hairston.  I said that last year.  I'm saying it again this year. 

These people must go: 
  • Gonzalez: move along
  • Edwin ( ya big guy, but you've blown way too many chances)
  • Hairston: seen enough
  • Taveras: need I explain?
  • Lincoln: younger, better arms in the wings
  • Arroyo: for so many reasons I'm tired of talking about it
  • Harang: 11-28 last 2 years.  makes $11 mil next year
  • Dusty???? 
These people must be bench/role players ONLY:
  • Nix
  • Gomes
  • Rosales
  • Janish
  • Sutton
Up in the air:
  • Hernandez: gut tells me they'll buy him out, but when healthy he was a solid contributor
  • Dickerson: slow start, still very inconsistent.  
  • Weathers: as much as people hate him, he can still be valuable, just not in the 8th inning!
Sorry for the rant, but I'm a very frustrated Reds fan.  I know I have plenty of fellow Reds fans feeling the same thing. 

So, Bob..."the losing stops", huh?  What are you going to do about it besides nothing?

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