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July 9, 2009 6:52 PM

Thoughts on Jay Bruce

It is becoming more and more popular around Reds nation to make Jay Bruce the new whipping boy and compare him to Adam Dunn.  I can certainly see the comparisons.  There are those who have already determined he's a bust and the Reds should trade him.  Most are calling for a demotion to AAA Louisville. 

I am as frustrated by his lack of development as everyone else, but I call for everyone to be patient.  Each player is completely different from another.  The Jay Bruce-Adam Dunn comparisons are, in my opinion, ridiculous. 

Do I think he could use a stint in Louisville?  Yeah, probably. 

Will I huff and puff and fold my arms and hold my breath until it happens?  Uh, probably not.  Jay Bruce is in his FIRST FULL YEAR in the Majors.  He's going to know like Homer Bailey has for what seems like five years??? 

Give the kid some time to learn and adjust.  HOPE he makes some adjustments.  If not, then yeah, ship him back to Louisville and tell him what to work on.  When he works on those and makes some improvements, bring him back up and hope it's for good. 

Jay Bruce strikes out WAY too much.  Jay Bruce has way too many bad at bats.  Jay Bruce has a long way to go.  But Jay Bruce plays pretty good defense and has a rocket for an arm that is also pretty accurate in the process. 

One more thing...Jay Bruce is also just 22 years old.  If he's still struggling like this in a few years then you can make more accurate comparisons to Adam Dunn and the fact he never got better and didn't make adjustments..then trade him to the Nationals or wherever. 

Give the kid a break!  I'm not a Jay Bruce apologist, but good lord give him a chance before you throw him to the wolves.   

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