Redlegs Rundown

July 21, 2009 8:04 PM

Wait for the right time, then dump them!

Then get rid of as many contracts as you can.  I said it in my last post, I'm standing by it.  After watching Micah Owings give back a first inning 3-run lead in the blink of an eye last night, I'm fully convinced this season is toast. 

So, again, I hope the Reds are waiting for the right deals and then they're going to unload Harang, Arroyo, and possibly Weathers for prospects/salary relief.  I do not want them to trade Cordero (because I do NOT want Jared Burton as the closer) nor do I want them to trade Arthur Rhodes (because he's awesome). anyone going to tell me with a straight face that Bronson Arroyo and/or Aaron Harang at $11 million are going to lead the Reds to the post-season?  You can't.  So, dump them and get something in return.  I'd be fine with a rotation (if healthy) of Volquez, Cueto, Bailey, Maloney, and even Owings for the rest of this year.  Then in the offseason see what you can sign for cheap or if Travis Wood is possibly ready. 

I know Bob Castellini wants to fight off the stigma that he doesn't want to win.  My contention is he'll prove to me he wants to win by using his high-priced vets as bargaining chips to replenish the farm system even more.  I'll scream up and down until I'm blue in the face that Arroyo isn't a #1, #2, or even a #3.  And Harang isn't either.  So, why pay them that much to be back of the rotation starters??  Get rid of them, get prospects, use the money saved to sign a bat or two.

My guess is they won't move anyone and they'll cry poverty in the offseason and we'll have the same weak offense next year, too.  

I hope I'm wrong   

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