Redlegs Rundown

July 26, 2009 6:56 PM

We Need a Cleanse

Sitting an embarrassing 7 games out of first place in the division and a whopping 8 games under .500 coming into today's game that honestly we're probably going to lose, I hereby call for a cleanse of the Reds system. Get rid of everyone over 30 years old, fire the entire coaching staff, trade for some highly rated prospects and start over. I'm only 22 so, barring any illness or natural disaster, I think I'm guaranteed a Reds' World Series victory in my lifetime. I can wait. I understand Dick Pole may have the best name in baseball, but he can't be that good of a pitching coach considering how former Reds pitchers have performed elsewhere. I wouldn't mind seeing Jeff Brantley strut out to the mound and talk to Reds pitchers one of these days, as long as he has a microphone that broadcasts his attempts at Spanish. On second thought though, let's keep Billy Hatcher.


In all seriousness though, this season is getting pretty ridiculous. The whole "we're not going to lose anymore" thing is laughable, considering we are indeed losing, have been for awhile now, and are now doing it at an incredible rate. I think the Cardinals pretty much sealed the division title with their recent moves and the Wild Card is out of question, so aside from bragging rights with the Pirates, this season is pretty much over. I had the idea of being the one remaining voice of optimism among Reds writers, but why bother? Everyday this organization sends out a lineup of maybe 3 legitimate major league baseball players, all who would be batting 7th or 8th on a real baseball team. Sure there's the youth factor, but I'm tired of that being the excuse. I'd love to eat these words, but I don't see anything that even hints at this team turning it around. Except Joey Votto did just knock one out of Wrigley because he has his pants pulled up and his socks showing like a real baseball player.

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