Redlegs Rundown

August 11, 2009 3:55 PM

Can anyone pitch?

With Johnny Cueto leaving last night's game with a hip flexor problem, and the Reds sudden desire to ship EVERY pitcher out, it makes me wonder who the hell is going to pitch for this team next year. 

In the last few weeks, they've traded/given away Robert Manuel, Zach Stewart, Josh Roenicke, and David Weathers.  Throw in the rumors about both Arroyo and Harang being on the block.  Oh yeah, you have to add in injuries to:  Volquez, Owings, and Cueto. 

This is the list of healthy candidates:  Homer Bailey...2010 fever!!!!

Even if the Reds do hold onto Harang and Arroyo, they'll have just three pitchers they can count on.  Homer does not count yet.  Still way too inconsistent.  Volquez is gone for 2010.  Owings has had shoulder trouble now two years in a row and he's a #5 starter anyway. 

Let's go to the bullpen.  Weathers is gone.  Manuel gone.  Roenicke gone.  Stewart gone.  We've covered this.  Who's left the Reds can count on?  Cordero, Massett, Rhodes, Herrerra, Fisher...who else?  Burton?  Think again.  He's been terrible the last two years.  Even if you factor in injuries, you can't count on him being healthy then. 

For an organization so pitching poor for so long, they certainly got rid of a boatload of pitchers in the last month.  This isn't my territory (see Doug Gray at for that) but I can't imagine the Reds are very deep Major League-ready talent at Louisville. 

The payroll is already pretty high assuming they don't dump Harang and/or Arroyo.  Where are they going to get pitchers?? 

Paul Janish?  Might not be a bad idea since he's NEVER going to be the starting SS.  Not with that bat. 

What are they going to do??

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