Redlegs Rundown

August 14, 2009 2:42 AM

Keep Juicin', Bronson

Bronson Arroyo is reacting to supplement use better than anyone. According to the USA Today article, Arroyo is taking some pretty creepy stuff (10+ supplements a day including Korean ginseng), but he couldn't care less. And neither could I. It's not like his recent 2-hit complete game shutout is a direct result of his supplement use, as he's been taking this stuff for a long time and we've all seen how terrible this guy can be. But if a bunch of crap purchased at GNC is what this guy thinks he needs to win, then let him keep on doing it. I understand this stuff can be dangerous, but honestly, if he doesn't care why should anyone else? I just think his reaction to these allegations is pretty respectable, or at least unique. He's not going to write a book about him and his pals taking a bunch of pills, and I doubt ESPN will ever spend an entire year covering (beating to death?) his trial.


Now I'm not defending the use of all this stuff. In fact, I think it's kind of weird, especially when softball players do it (I've seen it). Getting loaded up on protein and ginseng and taking 10 pills a day seems like such a meat head thing to do, so I'd say if you're going to do it, make sure you become enormous and never give up more than 10 runs in one inning.


In other news, Jonny Gomes should have swung at the last pitch he saw in the game if he really wanted to make Reds history. Three homeruns in a game is just pitiful. Even Joey Votto (who?) can do that. Although I guess it was pretty impressive coming against the NL East leading Nationals and their dominant pitching staff.


Also, this team still has people named Drew Sutton, Craig Tatum, Adam Rosales, and Paul Janish on it. I'd love to see more Janish, but Rosales' hustle shtick gets real old when all he does is ground out. I understand injuries are why Sutton and Tatum are up, but watching these dudes try to hit baseballs is painful. Is it Stubbs time or should we wait till September?

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