Redlegs Rundown

September 2, 2009 1:14 PM


The Reds have now won 8 of 10.  They've done it with some youth mixed in with some veterans.  So are you encouraged or is it an aberration? 

Paul Janish- I have LONG screamed that he'll never be an everyday shortstop.  But something interesting has happened.  This might seem like a strange observation, but Janish seems to be swinging harder lately.  I'm not alone in this thinking.  I've actually heard others say the same thing.  Is it really that simple?  I haven't the slightest, but he looks interested up at the plate now.  Can it continue?  Don't see why not.  Let's hope it does.  You might actually have your shortstop of the future.

Drew Stubbs- Have to say I was pretty discouraged by his first week or so.  Seemed like he was lost and completely over-matched. But since then he's looked much better and shown some pop.  The opposite-field homer Monday night was very impressive.  We all know he has speed and can play excellent defense, but if he can hit like this full-time, we definitely have an upgrade over Willy Taveras/Cory Patterson....duh! 

Wladimir Balentien- I can see why the Mariners moved him along.  He's a bit too streaky, but the kid has some serious potential.  Opposite field power, decent speed, a decent approach at the plate.  When we were in Pittsburgh a few weeks ago, this kid put a ball in the 3rd deck of the circular walkway deep behind left field.  Not a bomb, but a line drive.  It was absolutely blistered.  He might be behind Jonny Gomes on the depth chart for left field next year (if they re-sign Gomes who might be playing himself into a pretty good contract).  I'd be fine with a Balentien/Dickerson platoon in left next year if they don't bring back Gomes and/or Nix.

Homer Bailey- every single time I think he's "getting it" he turns around and drops a turd on us.  But, his last outing was his best of his career.  Can he put back to back outings together?  Well, facing the Pirates won't be a good barometer, but if he gets bombed, we can go back to scratching our heads.

Craig Tatum- guy can't hit, but handles the pitching staff pretty well.  Even as poorly as he does hit, he has 6 RBI in 54 at bats.  Compare that to Ryan Hanigan's 9 (yes I said 9!!!!) RBI in 224 at bats.  Seriously, how does a guy who gets 224 at bats only have 9 RBI? 

Scott Rolen- has been as advertised.  Solid 3B.  Professional hitter.  Gamer.  3B is set for next year.

OK I'm drinking the kool aid...again.  I'll be back in a week after they've lost 6-of-7 to completely reverse my opinion of all these guys I'm sure.  Enjoy it for now.

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