Redlegs Rundown

September 7, 2009 7:17 PM

Too Little Too Late?

Well yes, it is too late for any shot at the playoffs. I think we all knew that months ago. But with the momentum of this 7 game winning streak, there's no reason the Reds can't finish 3rd in the Central. The Astros and Brewers are a very reachable 3 games ahead, and neither team is playing nearly as well as the Reds are in this final leg of the 2009 season. Now if this were football, I'd want the Reds to lose every game for the rest of the year to secure a good draft pick. But it's not, and high draft picks in baseball aren't all that big of a deal. I just want the Reds to finish high enough in the division where it isn't embarrassing. I almost enjoy watching the Bengals humiliate themselves, but not the Reds. Here's to a strong finish, relevant or not.

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