Redlegs Rundown

January 18, 2010 10:42 AM

One month from today!

In case you didn't have your Spring Training calendar handy, the Reds report to Goodyear, AZ for the inaugural Cactus League season exactly one month from today.  Although it hasn't been the worst winter around Cincinnati, it's still too cold for me and any thought of warmer weather picks my overall attitude up immensely. 

First response I get from a friend:  "Who cares?"  Well, I care.  And I bet a whole hell of a lot of others do, too.  I get why people are down on the Reds.  I really do.  They've been a bad organization for a decade straight.  And, aside from the Chapman signing (which was BRILLIANT), there hasn't been anything this off-season to get anyone excited about the Reds' 2010 chances.  So, I understand the "who cares?" attitude. 

For me, "pitchers and catchers report" gets me extremely excited for a number of reasons.  It means warmer weather is coming.  Sure, probably not for another two months, but it's coming.  Yeah, it means my beloved Reds are going to be back in the news.  It means the great game of baseball is going to be back in the news.  Reds win, Reds lose.  Yeah, I care whether they win or lose, but in general I just love the game itself.  Would my love of the game be greater if the Reds won more?  Maybe, but not that much. 

Look, I'm a UC basketball fan as well.  They've not been very good the last couple of years.  It doesn't lessen my enthusiasm for them or my desire to watch them (win or lose).  Same goes with my Reds.  They win, great!  They lose, get em next time.  I'll still be watching/listening. 

I played baseball from the time I could walk.  OK from 5-years-old on, I had a glove on my hand and I wanted to play baseball.  Rain, snow, hot, cold.  Whatever.  I wanted to play.  So, I'm still a kid at heart, and when the weather turns warmer, or at least when it does out in Florida (or Arizona now), I think like a kid again and start getting excited for pitchers and catchers reporting.  Then Opening Day soon thereafter! 

Anyway, one month from now, the Reds will begin their very first Spring Training in Goodyear and I can't wait.  I don't care if the Reds held their camp on Neptune, I'd still be pumped.

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