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February 12, 2010 2:13 PM

Looking At the 25-Man Roster


As it stands right now, there aren't many roster spots open.  For a team in constant need of upgrading talent, there doesn't appear to be much wiggle room.  So, let's take a look...

  • Catcher (2): Pretty much set with Ramon Hernandez and Ryan Hanigan.  Maybe a third catcher, but doubtful.
  • 1B (1): His name is Votto.  Joey Votto.  Next.
  • 2B (1): Brandon Phillips. Moving on.
  • 3B (1): Scott Rolen, provided he stays healthy.  You could see Francisco or Frazier here if Rolen gets injured.
  • SS (1): Think it's pretty obvious what the Reds believe Paul Janish can they signed Orlando Cabrera.  He will likely be there 150+ games.  The guy is pretty durable.
  • LF (2): My best guess right now is a battle between Dickerson and Balentien with a platoon likely being the winner.  Wild-card is Gomes but in my opinion only against lefties. 
  • CF (1): Unless Stubbs falls flat on his face this spring, he's the guy.
  • RF (1): Unless Bruce falls flat on his face this spring, he's the guy.
  • SP (4): Arroyo, Cueto, Harang, Bailey are basically locks.  Bailey is out of options, but if he starts 2010 like he finished 2009, there won't be a need to send him elsewhere.  Harang and Arroyo make too much money.  And Cueto could be the ace if he gains some consistency. 
  • RP (6): Those who appear to be locks are Cordero, Masset, Burton, and Herrerra.  It's likely the Reds will keep Mike Lincoln who makes $2 million and my guess is Micah Owings will be the long-guy who will also pinch hit from time to time.   
Add those all up and you have 20 players.  The roster is 25 and you need at least:

  • Utility IF (2): Paul Janish, Miguel Cairo, Drew Sutton, Aaron Miles, and Todd Frazier are your leading candidates.  Prediction: Janish and Miles
  • Extra OF (1): With Dickerson and Balentien counted in the original breakdown, and Miles able to contribute defensively, this will probably be a bat.  Laynce Nix, Juan Francisco, Todd Frazier, Josh Anderson, and Chris Heisey will be in this battle.  Again assuming Gomes does NOT get signed.  Prediction: Nix
  • SP (1): Candidates are plentiful: Matt Maloney, Justin Lehr, Mike Lincoln, Travis Wood, Kip Wells, Micah Owings with wild-cards Aroldis Chapman and Mike Leake.  Prediction: Maloney
  • RP (1 or 2): If they carry 12 relievers, which they likely will do early in the season, then you'll likely see Nix get cut.  Candidates include: all losers from the #5 starter contest, Bill Bray, Pedro Viola, Carlos Fisher, Logan Ondrusek, Enerio Del Rosario, and a plethora of others. Prediction: Ondrusek with Owings and Lincoln in the bullpen

So, we have my take on the roster as follows:
  1. Drew Stubbs CF
  2. Orlando Cabrera SS
  3. Joey Votto 1B
  4. Brandon Phillips 2B
  5. Scott Rolen 3B
  6. Jay Bruce RF
  7. Ramon Hernandez C
  8. Chris Dickerson LF 
  9. Bronson Arroyo
  10. Johnny Cueto
  11. Homer Bailey
  12. Aaron Harang
  13. Matt Maloney
  14. Francisco Cordero
  15. Nick Masset
  16. Jared Burton
  17. Daniel Ray Herrerra
  18. Ryan Hanigan
  19. Wladimir Balentien
  20. Paul Janish
  21. Aaron Miles
  22. Laynce Nix
  23. Logan Ondrusek
  24. Mike Lincoln
  25. Micah Owings
Breaking it down by position:
  • IF (5): Votto, Phillips, Cabrera, Rolen, Janish
  • OF (5): Bruce, Stubbs, Balentien, Dickerson, Nix
  • C (2): Hernandez, Hanigan
  • UT (1): Miles
  • SP (5): Arroyo, Cueto, Bailey, Harang, Maloney
  • RP (7): Cordero, Masset, Burton, Herrerra, Lincoln, Owings, Ondrusek
That equals 25 players and a decent chance in my opinion of at least being competitive.  The breaks have to go their way, but I am optimistic they can be better than last year.  We'll see how camp plays out, who gets injured, who struggles, and who excels.  Can't wait for it all to get started!! 

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