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March 3, 2010 12:43 PM

Harang Named Opening Day Starter


It shouldn't come as a huge surprise since he's done it four times previously, but Aaron Harang was named by Dusty Baker as the Reds' Opening Day starter for now the fifth consecutive year. 

Originally Bronson Arroyo had been the odds-on favorite due to his stellar 2009 season, but Arroyo does not dig the spotlight nor day games, and with Cueto and Bailey really not being ready for such a role, it defaults to Aaron. 

The Reds also announced the rest of the rotation will split up Johnny Cueto and Homer Bailey, so it goes:

  1. Aaron Harang
  2. Johnny Cueto
  3. Bronson Arroyo
  4. Homer Bailey
  5. TBA
Who that #5 will be is anyone's guess, but I'm leaning to Chapman or Maloney right now.  The games begin Friday, so let's get it on!

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