Redlegs Rundown

April 13, 2010 12:48 PM

4-3, Could Be Worse


With their 10-inning win in Miami last night, the Reds have run their record to 4-3.  Not great.  Not awful.  Considering their 0-2 start, and the ensuing panic, 4-3 feels like 7-0.  If you consider the starting rotation, supposedly one of the bright spots for the Reds, is 0-1 on the season, and throw in the continued anemic offensive display at the plate on a daily basis, this team could be more like 2-5 and headed further into the crapper. 

Thankfully, they have managed to scrape, crawl, and scrap their way to their current record, and just one game behind the Cardinals.  Now, it's entirely too early to be talking "games back" and all those implications, but at least the Cards aren't off and hiding...yet. 

Do I believe it will ultimately happen?  Yes I do.  But that doesn't mean the season can't be a success.  There are a ton of things the Reds can work on and build on as they hopefully ramp up the talent level over the next few years with the eyes on a bigger prize. 

Anyway, back to the here and now.  Consider:

  • Jay Bruce is hitting .130 which is a big jump up with his two hits last night.  Although I will say Jay has been hitting into very tough luck lately.  Hopefully he can keep going to left field a time or two to keep the defense honest.
  • Jonny Gomes is hitting an even worse .125.  It appears Jonny is trying too hard.  The guy always swings from his heels but he seems to be gripping it a little tight right now. 
  • Brandon Phillips is hitting .185 with one homer and four RBI.
  • Joey Votto is hitting .259, but that's awful for him.  And he only has one RBI, which came on a solo homer on Opening Day. 
  • Scott Rolen and Orlando Cabrera have more homers (5) than the rest of the team combined.  (I hope that doesn't continue...unless they hit 50 each).
  • The Reds' usually reliable bullpen's ERA is 5.91, which ranks 13th in the N.L.  That will likely improve and with the starters' ERA third in the league at 3.59, it will obviously help the chances of more "W"s.
We're only seven games in.  4-3 is good, but it could be a lot worse considering the above.  We saw some big signs last night.  Scott Rolen being a solid leader.  Brandon Phillips bunting twice.  Nick Masset working out of a bases loaded jam.  Clutch hitting.  Let's hope it continues.  It could be fun. 

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