Royal Blues

February 11, 2009 12:56 PM

BP 2009 is coming, and other briefs

Some Wednesday bullet points:

  • Elsewhere in BP-related content, here's Part Two of Rany's phenomenal interview with blogosphere favorite Chris "Disco" Hayes. I almost cried from laughing so hard. Rany, who told me that this Q&A was one of the most enjoyable things he's ever written, had some further thoughts on Hayes' awesomeness at his blog.
  • Royal Blues will not be a place for steroid-related nonsense, unless a Royals player is involved. That said...if you, for some bizarre reason, would like to know my thoughts on the A-Rod situation, feel free to click this link.
  • At Royals Review, devil_fingers shared a graph representing the 2008 Royals' O-Swing%, which is the percentage of picthes swung at outside the strike zone. It appears that 7 Royals were below the MLB average rate of 25.4% (and lower is better).

Jason Smith couldn't fit on the graph because he swung at 61.7% of pitches outside of strike zone, a number which further solidifies my strong contempt for his "plate approach" and makes me glad he's now the Astros' problem and not mine.

  • I'm considering doing a "25 random baseball things" post, but I don't think I could make it as interesting as Craig's.  
  • Lastly...I can levitate at least as well as this guy, and you don't see me trying it on television.With that, I will leave you to your regularly scheduled Wednesday lives.

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