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June 6, 2009 3:26 PM

Ho-Ram being DFA'd is surprisingly correct

After deciding that getting out of bed at 9:00 this morning wasn't going to work for me (oh, what a hard life!) I took an extended nap. And when I woke up a second time, my phone was full of various Tweets about the Royals designating Horacio Ramirez for assignment.

This was absolutely the correct thing for the Royals to do, but I still wasn't expecting it this weekend. Yes, Ho-Ram has been terrible: Rany made that painfully clear earlier this week. But I still thought the team would claim that Roman Colon was somehow the odd man out, and ship him back here to Omaha.

Instead, they ignored the foolishly large amount of money Ramirez is getting this year, ignored the fact that Ramirez has spent way more time in the Majors than Colon, and even ignored the fact that Ramirez pitches with is left hand. These are the sorts of factors that usually keep a guy on the Royals big-league roster longer than he should be, regardless of his own skill or what better options get sent the the minors around him.

So today, I will gladly acknowledge that the front office made the right call. It's a small victory, but like the one that happened at the Rogers Centre today, it IS a victory, and that counts for something.

Random notes:
-After I whined about nobody paying attention to how good Lenny DiNardo has been this season, he did get a shoutout from Bob Dutton in the KC Star. Thank you, Dutton!

-The ORoyals dropped another game last night, but this time it wasn't a good start spoiled by the 'pen (like the rest have been lately). It was the team's 5th consecutive loss, and they've lost 8 of the last 10 games.

Starter Matt Wright labored through two innings, and was replaced by Yasuhiko Yabuta. Wright gave up six hits and three earned runs, and walked two. Tim Hamulack is still on the team for some reason, despite sporting a 6.12 FIP and an utter inability to get right-handers out. Righties are batting .453 against him. Considering that he's often called upon for multiple-inning outings, it's not like Mike Jerschele can avoid having him pitch to righties, and it's not good for anyone.

-On a happier note, Friday was a GREAT night for promotions. I was told before the game that we were expecting somewhere around 13,000, but the attendance ended up being 16,236. Everyone was loud, and the Bucket Boys were there, and oh my goodness I LOVE the Bucket Boys. As far as I could tell, everything was flawless as far as promotions went, except when one on-field contestant kicked a dodgeball directly into the face of one of my co-workers. Her nose bled, but she's OK now.
But, aside from that (and the awful game on the field), it was one of the nights that reminded me what an awesome decision it was to move to Omaha for my Royals job. Squee.    

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