Royal Blues

July 11, 2009 12:31 AM

In which Willie Bloomquist and Bob Dutton have TOTALLY LOST IT

From the Kansas City Star this evening:

If the reaction of once-and-future teammates is any indication, the Royals pulled off a steal of a trade Friday afternoon in acquiring shortstop Yuniesky Betancourt from Seattle for two minor-league pitchers. "Wow! Really?" said Willie Bloomquist, who spent the previous four years as Betancourt's teammate. "He's very, very talented to the point where -- and I've told him this -- he could be the best defensive shortstop in the game hands down. 

 "And offensively, he can swing it."

Do NOT make me try to FJM this. Just don't. Are Bloomquist - and Dutton, for using the quotes - out of their feeping minds?!? 

Things that are wrong with this lede and quote:
-The notion that this trade was somehow a "steal" for anyone other than Seattle
-That ANYONE would react to it by exclaiming "Wow!" in a positive way.
-"Very, very talented."
-"Best defensive shortstop in the game"
-"Best defensive shortstop in the game," and yes I did intend to list that twice. It's THAT wrong.
-"He can swing it."

I didn't even read the rest of the story. Please tell me it included Bob Dutton revealing that the first two paragraphs were an elaborate joke, just like the trade itself. Please?

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