Royal Blues

July 20, 2009 10:19 PM

Jose Guillen: 'I suck,' and 'water is wet.'

Jose Guillen finally said something. I was beginning to get bored and listless without him saying anything divisive for the Royals' lovely bloggers and radio people to pick apart and/or fight over.

And he was mostly right, with his remarks to Bob Dutton that he sucks at baseball and makes an embarrassing sum of money.

It is super that someone - anyone - on the inside of the clubhouse is openly evaluating himself for the world to see. That's not easy, even if his conclusions are pretty apparent to outside observers.

He's right: He should not be collecting $12 million for his play this year. His line of .243/.312/.371, combined with his fatally unplayable defense, makes him worth negative $7.6 million so far this year. Yes, that is a huge negative number.

He's also right when he says the terrible baseball is a team effort. Yep, the Royals suck. We know that, and just about every stat on the planet - especially stats of the hitting variety - backs that statement up with authority.  

I do, however, take issue with Guillen's refusal to be put on the disabled list. If he 'sucks' - his words! - so much, how does it help the team for him to play through the pain? Why not put Guillen on the DL, use an outfield of DDJ and Teahen plus Freel/Bloomers for a little while? Is that really going to be worse? Normally I would in NO WAY advocate using Freel or Bloomquist as regular outfielders, but what is there to lose?

 Whatever time Guillen spent on the DL would also be a nice opportunity for GMDM to check out Kila Ka'aihue in the Majors, or call up some help for the struggling bullpen for a little while.

At this horrible point in this godawful season...why not?

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