Royal Blues

July 10, 2009 5:46 PM

Worst. Joke. EVER. (Yuniesky Betancourt is a Royal.)

Before facing a single pitch in Fenway tonight, the Royals have been the butt of jokes from all over the country. When I first got the word from Greg Schaum's Twitter, I prayed it was a joke. No way the Royals would trade a top prospect for ANOTHER awful shortstop....right?

Oh. No. They actually did. (And were artfully skewered for it at FanGraphs.)
Here's some reaction from the Twitter-folk:
Rob Neyer: "Smartest front office in all the Major Leagues? Obviously the K.C. Royals. Nobody else is even remotely close."

Rany Jazayerli: "Uh-oh. I think I'm going to get banned again."

Joe Hamrahi: "First the Royals trade for Yuni, then the Mets for Francoeur. Can someone explain to KC & NY that the idea is to NOT make outs on offense!!"

Sky Kalkman: "I was trying to look up the last year Yuniesky Betancourt was a good fielder, but UZR has never rated him better than average at SS..."

Royals Authority: "
Dayton Moore is trying to prove that base runners aren't necessary. Neither are wins, apparently."

Lastly, Evan Brunell: "
GMDM and Omar do nothing but solidify their ineptness today."

The "Omar" in that last one is obviously Omar Minaya, who proved that GMs willing to trade for Jeff Francouer (and are not Dayton Moore) actually exist. Who is the biggest loser in this day of trading for awful players?

Despite my deep disdain for Frenchie, and my immense relief that the Royals never did acquire him despite GMDM wanting him so desparately...I actually think the Royals are worse off.

WHEN Dan Cortes is a contributing member of the Seattle pitching rotation and the Royals are slightly hamstrung by Betancourt's terrible defense and terrible contract, we will all look back on this day and frown. The Royals traded a top prospect for yet another light-hitting shortstop, only this version of Tony Pena Jr can't play defense, either.

Isn't watching the Royals going to be FUN when the team OBP is sitting right at .300? We, as fans, will be a part of baseball history, because no one in the history of the sport - or any sport - will have seen such a stupidly bad team. I'm soooo excited.


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