Royal Blues

August 2, 2009 12:14 PM

Royals DFA Sidney Ponson: a correct move

I've been wondering what the point of keeping Kyle Davies in Omaha was, while Sidney Ponson was in the KC roster as the "Guaranteed Loss" guy. Luckily, that's been corrected - Ponson has been designated for assignment, and Davies has been recalled.

I still don't trust the process, but I'll give Dayton credit for doing the right - albeit obvious - thing here.

One could ask - and my brother did - why keep the guy who hasn't won a game in the Majors since 2005? I'm not privy to The Process, but my best guess is that Dayton still likes Chen as solid organizational filler. Once Gil Meche comes back, Chen can finish out the season - and perhaps return next season - as an anchor in the Omaha rotation like he was before his callup, thus giving Mike Jerschele more flexibility. Assuming Ponson clears waivers, I doubt he'd accept an assignment to Omaha. And given all the conditions he insisted on when he was signed in the first place (needing to be on the 25-man by May 15 or he'd be granted his release, etc.), I am fairly sure he would also not be open to coming back on a minor league deal for next year, but Chen might.

I will be surprised if, when Ponson clears waivers, he wants anything to do with Omaha. Instead, I'm certain he'll go his own way until December, when he'll dupe yet another GM into signing him, the way he's been magically able to do all along.

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