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September 10, 2009 1:02 AM

A shallow moment

Please indulge me in a shallow moment* as we all prepare for Lenny DiNardo to make his Kansas City debut.

Dear whomever decides what photos to run with stories at,
Here's this lovely story about Lenny DiNardo getting all ready for his first big league start in a long time, and his very first as a Royal. DiNardo happens to be a stunningly good-looking guy, and doesn't generally make too weird of a Pitcherface when he throws.

So why, exactly, was this photo run next to that story? I demand a recount.


Lee Warren is awesome, and e-mailed this Pulitzer-worthy bit of investigative journalism:

Just read your post about DiNardo and got a chuckle out of it. I snapped this photo of him on August 30 and it seems to prove your point about his lack of pitcher face--although this was obviously taken after his delivery instead of during.

Lenny DiNardo - by Lee Warren.JPGMany thanks to Lee for sharing his photo.

*Hey, it's So You Think You Can Dance night. What do you expect?

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