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September 17, 2009 6:49 PM

Catching up: Greinke's x-ray negative, Crow signing? and more

Wow, has it really been that long since I've posted? Yuck. Sorry 'bout that.

Before we go on, I did write a little behind-the-scenes look at some of my research for The Machine, which explains what Poz meant when I mentioned me "almost" getting an interview with George Clooney. You can read that here.

- In case you hadn't heard, the X-ray on Zack Greinke's arm came back negative, and he's expected to make his next start. (Via Dutton's Twitter) The game was not on FSKC, but on MLB Network. If you didn't get to see it, here is video of the line dive that hit him. And here are the highlights from his eight (!) strikeouts. Note the scouting report on the screen at the beginning.

- This has been an interesting day for draft pick news. The Rangers wrapped up Tanner Scheppers, the only player besides KC's pick, Aaron Crow, who was exempt from the August 17 signing deadline. Many sources reported this morning that the Royals were close to signing Crow, but a Tweet from Greg Schaum later in the day suggested that those stories might be premature.

-What does it say about me as a fan that Willie Bloomquist's 4-hit day made me worry that his already-too-long two-year contract will be extended? Royals fandom is a mental illness, I guess.

-September is a ridiculous month. If you ignore April-August, the Royals actually look like a real MLB team!
This month, the 9-6 Royals offense is:
3rd in batting average (.289)
5th in OBP (.347)
5th in SLG (.438)
5th in OPS (.784)
5th in wOBA (.339)
6th in K% (18.7%)
They're still just 10th in BB% (7.9) and 10th in BB/K (0.46).

The pitching staff is:
7th in ERA (3.80)
3rd in FIP (3.68)
4th in AVG against (.256)
3rd in K/9 (7.52)
1st in HR/9 (0.35)
...but still dead last in BB/9 and K/BB rate.

Obviously, it's just September. Last September's 18-8 record didn't foreshadow any type of success this year. This time, I'm jaded enough to not be hopeful that this relatively successful September means anything. Last year, I got swept up in the fun of Kyle Davies' emergence, Kila Ka'aihue's existence at the big-league level, Ryan Shealy hitting like I've long insisted he always could, and all of that. But 18-8 during that month meant nothing, much like 18-11 meant nothing this April and May.

So sure, the team has put up some nice collective numbers. But it's September, and I'm being cautious this time around.

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