Royal Blues

January 15, 2010 3:52 AM

Escapism or pettiness?

[Note: Hi, I'm new here. My name is Minda. More about me some other time...]

When sifting through pictures of bloodied people whose homes are now rubble, it's really hard to work up my usual steaming hatred for Dayton Moore's player acquisition "skills."

How can I be THAT worked up about the two years of Jason Kendall we're about to experience? I still have a home that's not rubble on top of me. My loved ones are all accounted for. I even have new brakes on my car and some food in my fridge.

Yeah, being pissed about Scott Podsednik seems pretty dumb when people have been through such horrible things that they've given up on God. I saw a comment left on some news story that read, in Spanish, "God? Clearly he has abandoned us, so please send real, tangible help* instead of prayers." Haiti.jpg

So...yeah, the Royals have done very little this offseason that hasn't been stupid. And they've made a handful of moves that are nickel-and-diming the team into the arena of eternal awfulness.

But how much does that matter?

Baseball is a nice escape when things aren't going well, or if I'm just bored and looking for a way to connect with people. But right now, I feel like a moron for getting SO into baseball that it takes an earthquake and thousands upon thousands of deaths to make me look up from my rants about Dayton Moore.

*to that end, I've always liked Catholic Relief Services. As far as I know, they're really good about making sure donations are actually sent to the intended recipient, not for ridiculous overhead. Some people I know have also chosen to give through Haiti Partners and Doctors Without Borders. And Major League Baseball is encouraging fans to give through unicef.

That's not to say I'll quit being a sports fan...but maybe once in a while, I'll remind myself that the horrible baseball team that I love is not the most important thing in the world. My life won't end if GMDM keeps signing crappy players. And even though Lincoln, Nebraska isn't likely to get flattened by an earthquake, I can still stop and send a little help to places that were.


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