Royal Blues

January 15, 2010 9:45 AM

Quick rant: Why don't guys believe girls can know about baseball?

HAM.jpgMore substantial stuff is on the way, I promise. Until then:

Why is it so hard to understand that a couple of females can actually know a thing or two about baseball?

This is dumb, I know, and it's petty. But it's 3 in the morning and I'm annoyed. 10 minutes into a conversation, some guy at a party was still trying to "teach" my best friend and I about winter ball as if we'd never heard of such a concept.

This was after my friend and I had already:
-Established reasonable historical knowledge by debating with another friend who would have won the '94 World Series (Montreal, duh)
-Chatted about prospects we'd seen play in Omaha
      -Recalled a wicked slider one of those had thrown that baffled the ORoyals
-Bemoaned the state of the Royals in general, and tried to make sense of GMDM's collecting 4th OFers like they were Kewpie dolls
-Mentioned how much we missed the 2008 version of Mike Aviles
-Corrected the guy after he said "even in the Minors, those guys are making bank!" (Because "living below the poverty line" and "making bank" are not quite the same thing....)
-And on and on and on and on.

Am I in the wrong for being annoyed at the guy for STILL assuming that, because my friend and I are female, that we would never have heard of winter leagues? "Sometimes," he said, "players will go and play in special leagues in the winter in Latin America." I could have punched him, if my punching arm was not stuck in a stupid sling.

Is there some process by which we can "prove" that we know our stuff, so guys like this one can just shove a sock in it and talk TO us about baseball instead of down on us? There came a point where being patronized - "oh, she says she likes baseball; that's so cute" - got pretty old. And that was long before today. What's the deal, males?

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