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February 15, 2010 3:03 PM

Countdown to Opening Day: 49 Gordon games

As we slog through the time that's sandwiched between the end of football and the start of baseball, I'll be counting down the days until Opening Day with a countdown of random Royals-related numbers. Most of them mean nothing - this isn't supposed to be a groundbreaking series of research - but they'll hopefully make the days go faster until Opening Day.

49 day = 49 games Alex Gordon played last year

Quick post today, because it's about time to hit the road and drive across Nebraska.

Alex Gordon, as we all know, felt some kind of twinge in his hip on Opening Day(ish) last year and had  to have surgery.

Around that, he did manage to play 49 games, in which he batted .232/.324./.378. In that time, he was worth half a win (by WAR), which is more than eight of his teammates (min. 120 PAs). Hopefully he can be healthy this year and have that big breakout we've all been waiting for since 2005.

To make up for the short post, here is one of my favorite videos of late.

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