Royal Blues

March 3, 2010 8:56 PM

Countdown to Opening Day: 33 GreinkeDays

Spring training action has started in Surprise, but there's still a lot of time between now and Opening Day. I'll be counting down the days with a collection of random Royals-related numbers. Most of them mean nothing - this isn't supposed to be a groundbreaking series of research - but they'll hopefully make the days go faster until April 5.

33 Days = 33 GreinkeDays last year

On 33 dates in 2009, Royals fans didn't have to hang our heads in shame. Whenever Greinke started, we weren't the punchline to any jokes.

No, every five days, outsiders watched the Royals for something other than a comic relief. People watched a Royals player and were wowed, and that doesn't happen very often. In 33 days, it will happen again. I can't wait for the next Zack Attack.

Also, apparently I have comments now. Give 'em a try, see how it works!

Also also, I would just like to remind people to never ever ignore symptoms of heart trouble. If you have chest pains, etc., swallow your pride and GO SEE A DOCTOR. This PSA brought to you by my dad, who is alive because he paid attention to sudden symptoms last week. 

Lastly, keep your eyeballs fixed upon Royals Authority this month. Not only do they have a new contributor, they will also be releasing details soon about the 2010 Royals Authority Annual. Spoiler alert: I'm in it.

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